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Erten Konak Restaurant offers you the dishes of Turkish and world cuisine, blending them to create the modern Turkish cuisine. Delicious vegetables, fruit and varieties of meat of our country are served to you in a lighter, healthier and more delicious style by marinating and cooking them and by preserving the same savour and freshness after cooking, they are flavoured with sauces and fresh or dry spices.
In our restaurant, we know that the meals are not restricted to the table and you feel fit both during the meal and through presentations offered to you after the meal.
Erten Residence is an Ottoman Mansion which is registered as a 2nd degree historical work that was built towards the end of 18th century. You will have very delicious food in our mansion in a very elegant environment because of its features.


He was born in 1968 in Perşembe, Ordu.
He is a graduate of the Department of Karadeniz Technical University Tourism and Hotel Management.
He is 42 years old and has a professional experience of 25 years.
He has conducted comprehensive research in classical Turkish and world cuisine and has attained a conception of the contemporary and modern cuisine through blending them.
Our chief aim is to turn the natural, healthy and fresh wealth of food of our country into delicious and appealing meals through different tastes and presentations and to serve them to our distinguished guests.
He concentrates on vegetables and he supplies the rare vegetables and plants in our country in season and prepares without beraying their nature, aroma and freshness.
Cooking and eating are art, it is pleasure and culture, our chief experiences and makes our guests experience this pleasure in our restaurant every night.


Our philosophy of cooking is not to serve meals that are cooked quickly like in a fast food restaurants, on the contrary, as an a la carte restaurant, we turn your meal into a long-lasting enjoyment by presenting the specialities on our menu in line with special cooking options you choose and based on the instructions by our chief (while ordering).
We select the food we use in our meals meticulously, and for us, it is essential that they are fresh and in season. We never use inorganic products in our restaurant even though they are tasty. We supply the fruit and vegetables we use from large producers that sell organic products. We purchase meat and meat products from the companies with which we have been doing business for years. The wealth of our country are served in season and presented to your taste.
Based on the philosophy "Your stomach never tell lies", we knows that a meal is not limited to the table and uses light oil and fresh herbs in his meals for your easy digestion therefore after the meal you do not feel inert, tired and stuck to your seat. On the contrary your pleasure of meal lasts for hours.