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Guest Review

Since its foundation, Erten Konak has put guest pleasure on the basis of its service principles and directed the services that it presented in the light of comments and letters from its guests. Here in the attachment, we present all comments and evaluations written by our guests on our guest book from the very first day of our hotel up until today. Our guests have shared their feelings, thoughts and recommendations on their guest books which was notarized and documented with serial number and sealed, and they provide an insight for us to serve better. We, as the Erten Konak family share these sweet writings with you and wish that our guests’ experiences will shed light on your desire to stay at our hotel.     

Events Photos

Our hotel hosts a number of art and cultural activities every year since it has an identity of culture and art center. These events are documented with so many photos that they bring light to these charming organizations. May these artistic efforts stay in your memory as a document and give inspiration. We wish these beauties will satisfy your soul.

From Media

Erten Konak’s mark with the Ottoman and Turkish culture in Sultanahmet has been focus of interest in the media. Many magazines and newspapers benefitted from the mansion’s history and collections in order to introduce the Ottoman and Turkish culture. They had the voice of our mansion dedicated not only to commercial purposes but also to introduce the values of the country to world citizens heard in the visual and printed media no less enthusiastically than us. There have been many requests from a number of magazines for shooting in which the mansion building is used; but despite all the desire, unfortunately this has never been achieved for the protection of history. We proudly share the news on us in the printed media with you in the “From Media” section in the attachment.